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Dearly Departed

Unique Artworks

Fascinated by the potency inherent in photographs to unveil narratives yet untold, the artist meticulously forges and reimagines their histories, interweaving fresh relationships and narratives. A profound affection for the photograph as a tangible, printed entity resides at the core of their artistic manifestation. The artist's endeavors transcend the confines of time and space, as they ardently pursue connections that seamlessly span the realms of past and present. Within the contours of their exploration, nostalgia and memory, encapsulated within photographic imagery, assume positions of central significance. Delving into the intrinsic meanings embedded within these aesthetic entities and cultural artifacts, the artist contemplates their reverberations across our collective consciousness. At the heart of her artistic inquiry are fundamental questions: What does a photograph really do? How can photographs, when recontextualised and transformed into something new, generate new ideas and visions for the future?

Please contact Gallery Esther Woerdehoff Paris/Geneva for availability.

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